10 Unfortunate Examples of Discrimination in History

The world has seen a lot of issues of discrimination. People are more vocal about ending discrimination. But that is just for some. People are born different; discrimination is pointing out the differences between people or even things. It is treating someone or something inferior or worse in some way. Discrimination do always have a […]

Social Injustice: What is it and what are the solutions?

Before jumping into social injustice, it’s best to know first what social justice means.  Social and justice, these two words come together and make a concept of fair and just relations between individuals and society, as measured by any means that involves society. In older Asian cultures and in Western culture, social justice is usually […]

The Worst Genocides in History

Genocide is one of the terrible and disgusting truths and realities of human history. As far back as humanity itself, there has been murder and hate of a those who were different. The motives for hate have always been varied, trivial, and based in a far away misconstrued truth. The effects have destroyed a great […]

Lessons Unlearned: Genocide Since the Holocaust

The human race is a forgetful and foolish race. If the summit of wisdom is to know how little one knows, the human race is the direct opposite in the most repugnant sense. Arrogance, egotism, insolence and hubris riddle throughout human history, and the human score can be boiled down to mistake after repeated mistake. […]