Violations of Religious Freedom in Eritrea in 2020

The Eritrean government has officially recognized only four religions which are the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Sunni Islam, the Roman Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church of Eritrea. All other religions and beliefs are deemed as illegal in the country. Though the Eritrean Constitution guaranteed the right to freedom of religion and belief, it has still […]

Violations of Religious Freedom in Nigeria in 2020

Nigeria is made up of a population that is Muslim in majority, 51.6% according to a 2019 report from the World Factbook by CIA, while the remaining percent consists of Christians with other religious and ethnic groups. Up until now, the country is still facing struggles in addressing the violations of religious freedom in its […]

Violations of Religious Freedom in North Korea in 2020

North Korea, also known as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is still one of the most repressive countries in the world nowadays. The current head of government in this country is Kim Jong Un, the third leader of the Kim Dynasty in North Korea. Up till now, travel to and from North Korea is still […]

Violations of Religious Freedom in Sudan in 2020

Sudan, also officially known as the Republic of the Sudan, is the third largest country in Africa and in the Arab.  It was popularly known to be the largest country in the whole Africa and Arab world before the creation of South Sudan in 2011. This country is located in the Northeastern part of Africa. […]

Violations of Religious Freedom in Turkmenistan in 2020

Turkmenistan, also known as Turkmenia, is one of the sovereign countries in Central Asia. It is located next to a lot of well known Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. It is also bordered by the Caspian Sea in the west side. This country has the lowest population count among all other […]

Violations of Religious Freedom in Vietnam in 2020

Known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, and pagodas, Vietnam is a country in the Southeast part of Asia. This country’s capital, Hanoi, is known to be the home of the country’s Communist era. Vietnam runs on a one- party socialist republic framework that is dedicated to the establishment of socialism. The government follows two ideologies […]

Corruption and Its Social Impact

Corruption is the very malice by which virtue and ethics secede to hedonism and self-serving vice. Corruption and hubris span back thousands of years and have served as the pillars to many an empire and equally a downfall. In recent times it is not unlikely to find corruption in the seats of government or establishments […]

Women’s right in Saudi Arabia

Is it true that women are being deprived of their rights in Saudi Arabia? What actions are taken to let women finally practice their rights ?    Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia have been heavy-handedly limited compared to the rights of women in many of its neighboring countries due to the strict interpretation and application […]

Surveillance and Data Protection 

Why is it important to stay your data protected? What are you able to do to guard your privacy rights? What are the solutions to those issues? Are things improving or getting worse?    There is no one country in the world that’s constantly protecting the privacy of its citizens because most are active in […]

No Human is Illegal: The Rights of Immigrants

People are migrating for several different reasons. Perhaps it’s because they need to be reunited with their families, to hunt for much better economic opportunities or to escape from any human rights abuses including the persecution, torture, and armed conflict, regardless of what and which reasons are, it’s their rights to make a decision and […]