U.S. Immigration Policy and the Violation of Human Rights

This article is focused on the entirety of the U.S. Immigration Policy, as well as its impactful violation of human rights. Every country has its own set of rules, regulations and policies that every tourist and foreigners need to respect, abide, and obey.  In the terms of U.S Immigration Policy, the process of migration has […]

Student Arrest: An Impending Reality of the Youth Today

Student arrest is a reality that is prevalent in numerous schools, universities, colleges and campuses around the world.  Student arrest, defined by the law, is a form of arrest that is performed and initiated by the police and governing peacekeepers, to students who are causing, initiating and inciting violence, conflict and trouble in schools, campuses […]

Rights to be Protected: 4 Refugee Welfare Advocates

The life of a refugee is not easy. Making the abrupt decision of leaving your country for another because occurrences such as terrorism, bombing, war, and conflicts is not the kind of experience anyone should ever go through.  Even though they have managed to flee from dangerous areas plagued with war, the hopelessness doesn’t end […]

A Plea to End Child Marriage

child marriage

This article is centered on the horrendous and detrimental reality of child marriage. Inhumane and abusive as it may depict our thinking and imagery of it, and by practice and nature, this reality remains prevalent in some nations around the world, specifically in Asian countries like Indonesia and India. It is a cultural custom, norm […]

Human Rights in the 21st Century

human rights

In this article, we will take a closer look, on the promulgation, evolution and state of human rights in the 21st century realm. Human rights is essential to each and everyone of us living in the 21st century. It serves as our voice in an empeding society that lacks understanding and open-mindedness. It is a […]

What is Bodily Autonomy?

body autonomy

Bodily autonomy is a right granted to every person to have the right to control what are the things to be or not done to their own bodies. When each person has full bodily autonomy, they’re not only empowered to decide things when it comes to their health and future – without constraints or any […]

Difference between Civil Rights and Human Rights


Every individual has a progression of rights in life that are said to be entitled and enshrined in law. However, what entitles every person to these rights, and is there a distinction between civil rights and human rights. What are Human Rights? Despite a person’s skin color, culture, race, ethics, and whichever part of the […]

What is the Amnesty Act all about?


Amnesty law, in criminal law, is being defined as the act of a government to “forget” about the committed criminal offenses of a particular person or it can be a group of individuals, that is typically related to crimes considered as political. It is frequently adapted upon a return of compliance with the law inside […]