Human Rights poems

human rights poem

Poetry and human rights have constantly been firmly believed to be connected. In contrast to prose, the guidelines of poetry are intended to be twisted and broken, permitting writers to utilize words similar to paint on a canvas.  The outcome has always a special and influential ability to incite empathy. Countless poets saddle their abilities […]

Human Rights Perspective of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X

civil rights

It is an evident reality that individuals all around the world may differ in opinion, point of view and perspective whenever they involve themselves in a conversation.  The line of demarcation is established between the individual who agrees and the individual who disagrees on a certain topic and aspect discussed which comes from anything under […]

How to Make a Petition Online?

An online petition is purposefully made possible by a concerned individual for the reason that he wants to impact a long-lasting change in a certain aspect of life, community, group of people, society, nation and the whole world on a larger scale, outlook and perspective.  Changemakers are inspired, driven and innately motivated to rise up […]

What Does Freedom of Petition Mean?

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The Definition of Freedom of Petition The Freedom of Petition originates from its history of being one of the fundamental freedoms that is duly constituted for the benefit of all Americans in the United States.  The Freedom of Petition is duly stipulated and documented in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  […]