What is an AMNESTY ACT all about?


Amnesty law, in criminal law, is being defined as the act of a government to “forget” about the committed criminal offenses of a particular person or it can be a group of individuals, that is typically related to crimes considered as political. It is frequently adapted upon a return of compliance with the law inside […]

Human Rights poems

human rights poem

Poetry and human rights have constantly been firmly believed to be connected. In contrast to prose, the guidelines of poetry are intended to be twisted and broken, permitting writers to utilize words similar to paint on a canvas.  The outcome has always a special and influential ability to incite empathy. Countless poets saddle their abilities […]

How to Make a Petition Online?

An online petition is purposefully made possible by a concerned individual for the reason that he wants to impact a long-lasting change in a certain aspect of life, community, group of people, society, nation and the whole world on a larger scale, outlook and perspective.  Changemakers are inspired, driven and innately motivated to rise up […]

What Does Freedom of Petition Mean?

sign the petition

The Definition of Freedom of Petition The Freedom of Petition originates from its history of being one of the fundamental freedoms that is duly constituted for the benefit of all Americans in the United States.  The Freedom of Petition is duly stipulated and documented in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.  […]

California’s Fight for Homelessness

Today, homelessness remains a major problem in every city, state, and country. There is almost a guarantee that you will encounter homeless citizens on your daily walks or commutes. Today, California is known to have an intense problem with the homeless and the lack of affordable housing. Among the many cities in the state of […]

Older People\’s Rights

There are reported cases every year that millions of older people were suffering and experiencing the human rights violations. It is ranging from discrimination and social and political exclusion, to abuses in nursing facilities, neglect in humanitarian settings, and denial and rationing of health care.    The painful part of it is most of these […]

Rights of Immigrants

People are migrating for several different reasons. Perhaps it’s because they need to be reunited with their families, to hunt for a much better better economic opportunities or to escape from any human rights abuses including the persecution, torture, and armed conflict, regardless of what and which reasons are, it’s their rights to make a […]

Surveillance and Data Protection 

Why is it important to stay your data protected? What are you able to do to guard your privacy rights? What are the solutions to those issues? Are things improving or getting worse?    There is no one country in the world that’s constantly protecting the privacy of its citizens because most are active in […]

Women’s right in Saudi Arabia

Is it true that women are being deprived of their rights in Saudi Arabia? What actions are taken to let women finally practice their rights ?    Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia have been heavy-handedly limited compared to the rights of women in many of its neighboring countries due to the strict interpretation and application […]