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the history of the fight for women’s rights

The history of our country along with many other countries in the world is one where many were oppressed by the hands of few. Since then different laws were created to ensure basic human rights. However, this world is not perfect and there are often violations to basic human rights. In Hong Kong, protestors fight for their basic human rights and are met with silencing and violence. There is one group all over the world, however, that is universally oppressed. 

In the past women were seen as inferior than men, and in some places that thinking may still remain, but overall there are basic human rights that protect women. Women across the world have raised their voices against injustices and many laws have been created through this. Two laws that protect women’s rights are the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the CEDAW Recommendation No. 35. These laws state “Under this obligation, States have a duty to take a positive action to prevent and protect women from violence, punish perpetrators of violent acts and compensate victims of violence” (OHCHR). These laws have been implemented at a worldwide level and have seen many benefits(OHCHR). However, by having these laws it does not mean by any means that women aren’t constantly stripped of their basic human rights.


Why fight for women’s rights and freedoms today?

One example of a places where women’s rights have been greatly attacked is in Mexico, where over the years there has been a heavy increase of femicides. Femicides is the action of taking a women’s life on the sole basis of her being a woman indicating gender discrimination The New York Times reports that in the year of 2019 alone Mexico saw 1010 femicides which increased by fifty percent from 2015. One case of femicide in Mexico that the New York Times shed light on was of Marichuy who for three years authorities continued to claim the reason behind her death could have been a mere accident or an attempt to take her own life when she fell off a fifth floor of her apartment. The authorities never tried looking for a possible suspect until years after. It wasn’t until three years later in 2019 when the truth was made known that she had been killed by her professor and three classmates. This is a horrendous case that indicates the inadequacy of the Mexican government to protect women’s basic human rights against a country known to be “Machista”. For three whole years the Mexican authorities allowed the family to believe Marichuy’s death was anything but a murder instead of trying to investigate the real reason for her death, and even till this day there is no charge against the murders. This case is just one of many where injustices towards women are swept under the rug by governments and authorities.  Over the past years many have advocated for human rights to be protected. In the age of social media, we no longer live in a bubble thinking the world is fine as it is. Femicide has been a huge issue in many countries, and countries should continue to work together to not neglect that these events are happening as in the case with Marichuy.





learn about the injustices women and girls face today


In 1948, United Nations proclaimed all humans (men and women) have the right to live free from violence, slavery, and discrimination; to be educated; to own property; to vote; and to earn a fair and equal wage. However, women rights continue to be a global issue today and there is much more progress to be made. 

All throughout the world women are being denied these rights and are victim to gender-based violence. This includes domestic violence, rape, female genital mutilation, early and forced marriage as examples. At least 144 countries have passed laws on domestic violence, and 154 have laws on sexual harassment. However, even when laws exist, this does not mean they are always compliant with international standards and recommendations or implemented. 


Sex equal rights is a concern dealt with by every solitary female in the globe, there is a high opportunity that the sporting activities sector is the location that experiences the most with this trouble. As the Simone Biles quote over recommends, it’s not concerning ladies matching the success of male professional athletes, it’s concerning permitting females in sporting activities to contend on the very same phase.

Ladies are externalized by followers, analysts, as well as also instructors since individuals look at ladies’s sporting activities as a display for their satisfaction. Women professional athletes have to deal with sexist remarks coming specifically from guys that assume these women professional athletes aren’t gifted or solid adequate to carry out well.

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Women’s rights in acquiring safety, the right to speak, and defense for themselves have been jeopardized as domestic violence cases like this 2016 example are a common occurrence within Australia. In that same year the Australian Institute of Health and Warfare reported that 17 adults were hospitalized daily due to an assault of a partner, and within the following year, the police documented roughly 25,000 sexual assault cases with a statistic that one woman is killed every nine days, and one in four women experience emotional abuse too.

All in all, many cases of hospitalizations and reports regarding this abuse have risen. Furthermore in 2020 alone through a report by Impact, it has been reported that about 39 women have been killed in which 33 were killed through an alleged relationship death and it doesn’t stop there.


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